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Designer Dresses

Designer Dresses Designer Dresses Designer Dresses

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Popular 5 Wedding Bridal Dress Styles

Popular 5 Wedding Bridal Dress Styles

As we all know that the women are becoming more fashionable and trendy day by day. In this modern era, every woman want to keep her dress more appealing and distinctive. Woman always want to wear fashionable and stylish dresses that make their personality appealing in every walk of life. But if we talk about the wedding dress of woman, then i must tell you one thing that every woman wants her wedding dress stunning and unique from others. As we know that the wedding dress has so many importance in the life of every bride. Brides want to wear fashionable dress on her big day of life, that make her looks impressive and eye-catching. Here in this post i am sharing 5 popular wedding bridal dress styles below.

If you look inside fashion markets then you will find a wide range of bridal dresses. Normally, the sharara and lehanga are the most common and demanding bridal dress in Pakistani woman. But in this modern time, there are so many new trends of fashion are introduced for brides.Let’s check out 5 popular wedding bridal dress styles below.

5. Lehanga Choli:

Lehanga Choli

Lehanga choli is basically an Indian bridal dress, but it is becoming the hottest trend in Pakistan also. Lehanga choli is very popular in Pakistani brides also. Lehanga choli is available in different styles and colors. Fashion designers are also designing this Indian style lehanga choli for Pakistani brides. The lehanga choli with full of embellishments of embroidery make the appearance of bride more distinctive and stunning on her wedding day.

4. Frocks:


Frock is an another most demanding bridal dress for wedding. There are so many bridal frock designs available inside markets. Frocks are pairing with churidar pajamas, lehangas and dhaka pajamas. Mostly, the anarkali frocks are very popular for brides. It is the most favorite dress style for brides to wear in valima reception. It gives a traditional look to brides and makes her appearance appealing on the big of her life.

3. Sharara:


Sharara is the most common and wearable dress style in brides. Normally, brides love to wear shararas in different style and patterns. In the past, the short shirts were in fashion with shararas. But now a days, the bridal shararas are come up with long and knee-length shirts that add a shine to the graceful personality of a bride.

2. Maxi Dress:

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are also very popular in brides now a days. Brides are mostly wearing maxi dresses on their wedding day. Designers are launching bridal maxi dresses for this year. Bridal maxi comes up in a wide range of designs and colors. The heavily embroidery bridal maxi gives an awesome and elegant look to bride. It makes the personality fashionable and stunning.

1. Gharara:Gharara

A part of them, the gharara is considered to be as the hottest trend in Pakistan now a days. Gharara is more in fashion than other dresses. Gharara is also pairing with long and knee-length shirts. It is available inside markets in a wide variety of designs, colors and embellishments. It gives an awesome and traditional look to the brides.